Education Competencies

Education Competencies

Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) Requirements

Professional education requirements include either a valid Illinois professional educator license OR a college-level course in each of the following areas:


Coursework for SLMP education competencies can be completed at any time prior to the clinical practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Must I choose my courses from the lists on

A: No. This is a growing list, based on input from SLMP students. As you find other courses, please submit them to

Q: How do I know if a course that’s not on the list will meet the requirements?

A: If you are uncertain whether a course meets the requirement, email the course description to for a determination. You may also check the Directory of Approved Illinois Certification Programs.

Q: Are the course credits transferred to Dominican?

A: No. The courses are not transferred to Dominican, but we do need proof that you have completed them so that we can verify that you have completed all the requirements for certification.

Q: What documentation is required to confirm successful completion of the courses?

A: You will need copies of your transcript at two (2) points within the program: one to submit to the SLMP office before your clinical experience (an unofficial copy will suffice), and a sealed one to submit to the state when you apply for your certificate.

Q: Where should transcripts be sent?

A: To you. We recommend that you request three transcripts:

  • DO NOT OPEN, submit to the SLMP office
  • Keep one of the sealed transcripts for your application for certification
  • Keep the other sealed one on hand for future use