Media Specialist – Cicero School District #99

Media Specialist – Cicero School District #99
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Job Title: Media Specialist

Reports To: Building Principal and Executive Director of Instructional and Digital Technology
Position Summary

Media Specialists are responsible for providing curriculum-aligned instruction to ensure that all students learn essential skills at each grade level as it relates to media and technology information systems usage.

Qualifications & Requirements
● Valid Illinois Professional Educator License with a Media Specialist or Technology Specialist Endorsement
● Ability to work in a diverse team environment with knowledge of media database systems and computer applications
● Ability to quickly adapt to changing learning and instructional environments
● Ability to manage media collections and inventory of media supplies
● Strong communication skills in order to converse with teachers, staff, and students
● Creative and intuitive of learner needs with the ability to anticipate problems and take corrective action
● Ability to troubleshoot hardware and software to ensure that technology is accessible
● Previous teaching and media center experience preferred

Duties & Responsibilities
● Plan a program of study that supports classroom instruction leading to student achievement of state standards
● Utilize “Best Practice” strategies and instructional methods that meet standards for both language arts and media.
● Create a classroom environment conducive to establishing a community of learning.
● Maintain library collections, order content area and reference materials, as well as age appropriate literature.
● Expose students to and encourage them to seek a variety of genres in literature through Read- aloud and age appropriate assignments and instruction.
● Maintain inventory of media collections, books, supplies, materials, and technology equipment.
● Establish processes and procedures for exchange of media materials, i.e. checkout systems for materials and equipment.
● Maintain collection acquisitions regularly.
● Completes necessary trainings and certifications in order to effectively integrate technology and promote the development of 21st Century skills.
● Assists the Instructional Technology Department with projects.
● Assists in the administration of tests given online, provides technical assistance, and acts as a liaison to Site Test Coordinator.
● Troubleshoots hardware and software.
● Performs other duties as assigned.

Working Environment
The job is performed under minimal temperature variations and is generally a hazard free environment.

Physical requirements
The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands: occasional lifting (should be able to lift up to 30 pounds), carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; and significant fine finger dexterity.

Generally the job requires 60% Standing, 30% walking, and 10% standing.

Terms of Employment
Salary and work year according to Master Agreement

All applicants (internal and external) need to complete an online application located on the Cicero School District #99 web site at

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