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Employment Resources

School Library Interview Questions

What will you be asked during the interview?

SLMP has compiled a list of questions asked during actual interviews attended by SLMP alumni – Maria Navas, Nancy Brown, Julie Rohan, Lisa Nagy, and Latrice Ferguson

View the questions below or download the printable version: Interview Questions


  • Why did you switch careers?
  • What do you envision yourself doing as a school librarian?
  • What ideas do you have to motivate reluctant readers?
  • How would you go about collaborating, especially with someone who is reluctant to collaborate?
  • Why do you want to work here?
  • Why did you leave a job you obviously enjoyed?
  • Are you sure, you want to work with elementary kids? Why?
  • What do you think your role in the school and curriculum should be?
  • What have you done previously that would help you in this position? (An online portfolio comes in very handy here!)
  • What role do you think technology should play in the curriculum?
  • Is there anything online you would consider potentially embarrassing to you or the school district? (Be careful what you put online!)
  • Why should we hire you over someone with previous teaching experience?
  • Why did you decide to become a librarian?
  • What technology skills could you bring to our school?
  • How would you handle a challenging student or parent in your library?
  • How would you differentiate a library lesson to meet the needs of all students?
  • Describe a lesson you have taught integrating technology into the curriculum? (Be as specific as you possibly can!)
  • What will I (the principal) see if I walk into your library?
  • Who is your favorite children’s author? (Sounds so simple, but when you are nervous it can throw you off!)
  • E-resources are clearly preferred by students.  Why should we (or should we not) still have books in our library?
  • A parent donates a copy of the Bible to the library.  How do you handle this when she insists it be included in the collection?
  • Describe your proficiency with technology. Last year we (the school) started a netbook initiative, so every student has a netbook.
  • Describe your management style; you will have a library assistant.
  • How would you prioritize spending in the library; how would you decide to spend money on this and not that?
  • How do you plan to collaborate with teachers when the library isn’t currently being used that way?
  • How would you want to be accountable for student growth? How would you assess student growth?
  • Be prepared to give a sample book talk which shows how you interact and communicate with students.

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