Pre-Clinical Observations

Pre-Clinical Observations

Prior to the pre-clinical experience (observation) the candidate must have been accepted into the School Library Media Program and enrolled in LIS 773 School Libraries. 

Pre-clinical experience is self-guided. The student is responsible for scheduling the pre-clinical experiences by directly contacting the appropriate library or administrative personnel at the school libraries.  The pre-clinical experience is an opportunity for the student to be actively engaged in the school library media program, as determined by the cooperating school library media specialist. It is recommended that experiences include visits to city and suburban schools and to a minimum of two schools at each grade level: elementary, middle, secondary.

Candidates without a current Illinois professional educator license complete 100 hours in pre-clinical experience; candidates with current Illinois professional educator license complete 40 hours in pre-clinical experience. School library media specialists and school library aides may apply a maximum 25 hours from their current work experience to this requirement.

Pre-Clinical Experience Report is completed by the candidate for each site visited and submitted to the coordinator of clinical practice for assessment prior to the clinical experience.

Letters of introduction for the pre-clinical experience are issued to SLMP students while they are enrolled in LIS 773 School Libraries. If you have joined the SLMP after completing LIS 773, you may request a letter by contacting the SLMP office at or 708.524.6855.