Candidates are required to keep a best practices journal during clinical experiences.  The journal is more than a log of each day’s activities or a description of those activities. The best practices that are identified in current educational literature will be discussed in the clinical experience seminar held at the beginning of the semester. The entries in the journal must go beyond the descriptive to include the three elements of a National Board for Professional Teaching Standards journal entry: description, analysis, and reflection.

  • Description is relating in a logical and detailed manner an event that occurred that brings to mind the best practices as defined by current educational literature.  Descriptions should be clear enough that the reader can visualize what is being described.
  • Analysis deals with the interpretation of the event and the thought processes used to arrive at a conclusion about the situation.
  • Reflection reveals the thinking that takes place after the event, shows what has been learned from the event, and demonstrates how similar situations would be managed in the future.

Each journal entry must explicitly relate to one of the Library Information Specialist Standards as prescribed by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Students enrolled in LIS 728 Clinical Experience – Student Teaching must complete four (4) journals for each placement for a total of eight (8) journals.

Best Practices Journal Scoring Rubric