Application for Clinical Experience

Application for Clinical Experience

Before clinical experience placements can be made, students must complete an application, professional autobiography, and interview with coordinator of clinical practice.

If the student is seeking clinical experience in the fall, the application should be submitted to the SLMP office by April 1st. If the student anticipates completing clinical experience in the spring or summer, the application should be submitted to the SLMP office by September 1st.

Download the Application for Clinical Experience.

Instructions for the Professional Autobiography

Compose a brief account (300 – 400 words) of the experiences you have had that have contributed to your desire to become a school library media specialist.  Include relevant employment experiences; perceived areas of strength and challenges; and expectations for the clinical experience portion of your graduate education. Sign your name at the end of your autobiography.

Copies of your Professional Autobiography will be forwarded to your site supervisors and university supervisors and should represent the highest professional standards.  Students who do not receive a rating of Commendable or Competent will be required to redraft and resubmit the autobiography.

Please contact Alexis H. Sarkisian, Coordinator, Clinical Practice, at to set up an interview within a week after submitting your Application for Clinical Experience. Please note that practicum placements are NOT done on a first-come-first-served basis. Placements begin after all students have completed an interview with Alexis.